I am a senior developer focused on web and mobile software development from concept through deployment.

The majority of my technical career has been in the implementation of both frontend and backend development in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, PHP and Java. I'm a cross-browser compatability and web standards guru.

I live in Cambridge, Massachusetts and enjoy world travel, motorsports, cycling and hiking. I'm a voracious reader of a broad range of topics. These days my interests of study seem to be concentrated on anti-authoritarian and emancipatory politics, horizontal equal-liberty democracy and works of Roman literature originally written in Vulgar Latin.


Implement efficient, robust, user-focused applications using best practices that delight my users. Evangelize the use of HTML5 as *the* tool that bridges the gap between the desktop and mobile devices – across multiple platforms. Exploring solutions to "big data" problems, data analytics and visualization.


  1. Senior Application Developer

    Boston Interactive Boston, Massachusetts


    Implementing quality code and technical expertise that utilizes best practices.

    Spearheading the adoption of responsive web development techniques focusing on HTML5 and CSS3.

  2. Senior Developer

    Cambridge BioMarketing Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Was the lead developer in the digital services department.

    Developing excellent working relationships with clients by providing quality code and technical expertise that implements modern best practices.

    Spearheading the adoption of HTML5 and CSS3 using jQuery and modernizr. Evangelizing the use of web development best practices sucessfully.

    • Lead Developer: — Project planning, database & platform architecture, ASP.NET 3.5 / MsSQL 2008 backend with HTML5 / CSS3 and jQuery on the frontend, uses hCard and hCalendar microformat.
      This site is launching March 2011.
    • Lead Developer: — Project planning and wireframing, database architecture, backend development in PHP using CodeIgniter MVC framework, frontend in HTML5 / CSS3 with jQuery implementing the Facebook Open Graph protocol.
    • Lead Developer: — Millennium The Takeda Oncology Company : Database migration and updates, backend development in ASP.NET. Developed JSON web-services for use on kiosk Flash application and an Apple iPad application.
    • Lead Developer: — Tolerx : Project planning, database & platform architecture, ASP.NET 3.5 / MsSQL 2008 backend with HTML5 / CSS3 and jQuery on the frontend. Extensive internationalization. Implemented a zipcode-based geocoded "store locator" search tool.
    • Lead Developer: Implemented numerous sites using WordPress, SiteCore, Eloqua.
  3. Strategist / Architect / Designer / Developer

    visual assault, llc Cambridge, Massachusetts


    visual assault was originally founded as a research group on web usability, web-standards design, and network security. It eventually created an online community as a research prototype focusing on Boston-based street art & culture built upon the technical knowledge we acquired.

    visual assault then began to focus on graphic design and information architecture — or how people use and interpret information. It is now focused on providing clients with ability to promote their message to the widest possible audience using the latest web and mobile technologies.

    • — Designed, branded, implemented and deployed a website for a motorsports-focused engineering garage and racing facility.
    • — Developed strategies, contributed to organization and event planning. Designed, branded, implemented and deployed a website for the largest Subaru-oriented enthusiast convention in the world (2009).
    • — Designed, branded, implemented and deployed a website for a professional race driver.
    • Developed and released an open-source WordPress theme framework (2005)
  4. Senior Developer

    RDVO, Inc Somerville, Massachusetts

    RDVO was a digital interactive agency that created embedded, web and mobile applications and experiences.

    Developed multiple client web sites and applications on both the frontend and backend.

    Spearheaded the adoption of Subversion version control as an integral part of the development process.

    Consulted directly with clients to provide insight and direction to the adoption of technology solutions to business problems.

    • Lead Developer: Shire Pharmaceuticals — Project planning, database & platform architecture, ASP.NET 3.5 with MsSQL 2005 backend and XHTML with CSS2 and jQuery on the frontend. Cambridge BioMarketing - — WordPress integration and custom theme development.
    • Frontend Prototype Lead: — Implemented the prototype UI of their advanced search interface that eventually went into production.
    • Lead Technical Consultant: Oxfam America — Internal Intranet "Padare" Lead research & testing on modern intranet software to fit the needs of a proactive non-profit. Assisted in deployment and increasing internal adoption.
    • Developer: — Shire Pharmaceuticals, — (Gillette) Proctor & Gamble,, — HP,
  5. Web Developer

    n2N Commerce Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Developed frontend XHTML, CSS2 and custom JavaScript and AJAX controls for the DemandWare platform.

    n2n Commerce was a short-lived startup started by former execs of the Limited Brands, n2N Commerce was to revolutionize the multi-channel retail marketplace for large brands by delivering a single platform for online, in-store and by-mail commerce. n2N was the industry's first cross-channel on-demand eCommerce software platform designed for large multi-channel retailers.

    • Designed and implemented pipelines in the DemandWare pipeline language.
    • Extended functionality of a DemandWare web storefront.
    • Implemented an web user profiling and tracking solution using ATLAS.
    • Implemented interfaces in CSS, HTML and JavaScript based on design mockups.
    • Developed autommated frontend testing using Ruby & the FireWatir test framework.
    • Wrote specification documention for web interfaces.
  6. Research Software Engineer

    Autonomy, Inc. Cambridge, Massachusetts

    Worked as part of the Advanced Technology Group - an R&D department of the video analytics and natural-language processing division of Autonomy.

    We primarily focused on research that will be used for future products and services. The main research focus is the eViTAP system, a real-time broadcast news search and analysis engine web application that integrates many natural language processing, image and video processing, and machine translation technologies.

    • Spearheaded efforts to update existing web interfaces to be cross-browser compatible for Microsoft Internet Explorer 6, 7 and Mozilla/Firefox Gecko platform-based browsers.
    • Specified, designed and implemented a web browser-based front-end to a real-time streaming video player with timeshifting capabilities using AJAX and the VideoLan streaming server.
    • Specified, designed and implemented an AJAX library to facilitate new methods of web-interaction.
    • Specified, designed, and managed a push to redesign the entire web application using XHTML 1.0 and CSS to support w3c standards
    • Specified, designed and implemented a JavaScript eventing model to manage a large amount of JavaScript function calls
    • Designed and implemented a callback system for JavaScript button management
    • Developed use cases, designed paper prototypes, created user storyboards, interaction diagrams, and implemented designs with JavaScript, CSS, and XHTML numerous interface dialogs
    • Designed and implemented an AJAX toolbar control for a web-based WYSIWYG text editor
    • Built numerous rack-mounted server systems
    • Specified and designed a DHTML tab control to display large amounts of data with a limited amount of on-screen real estate
    • Conducted research on the quantitative differences between popular machine translation systems
    • Designed and wrote usability test plans for many of the interface components
    • Added features to the interface from customer requests as needed
    • Wrote a Java tool for internal use to generate reports based on our inhouse databases
    • Designed, wrote and ran test plans for quality assurance testing.
    • Performed network administration
  7. QA Engineer Intern

    EMC² Westboro, Massachusetts

    Primarily implemented tests written in PERL as a member of the Microsoft Partners Engineering Group. Our division focused on the CLARiiON IP4700 Network Attached Storage device to ensure compliance with the Microsoft hardware certification.

    • Developed a PERL program that converted SilkTest result files into HTML documents for easy comprehension
    • Used SilkTest to design and develop automated quality assurance test plans for a Network Attached Server product
    • Integrated a linux Network Information System into a Microsoft Windows Domain
  8. Associate Systems Administrator

    Rovia, Inc Boston, Massachusetts

    Rovia, Inc. was a provider of secure, electronic distribution infrastructure for the publishing industry that had hoped to sell individual college textbook chapters online, primarily to the college student demographic.

    • Setup an intrusion detection system (IDS) using SNORT
    • Setup a real-time network traffic monitor using Cricket
    • Performed network administration in a hybird UNIX, Linux, and Windows environment
    • Configured new computers for serving secure web content
    • Administered DNS, HTTP, FTP, and email servers
    • Verified network security and integrity
  9. Associate Systems Administrator

    Cyber Access Cambridge, Massachusetts

    I performed system administration tasks at a local ISP located in Cambridge offering dial-up, DSL, and web hosting services.

    • Performed daily network administration in a Linux environment
    • Learned about TCP/IP routing, and maintained ISP routers
    • Maintained and updated the corporate website
    • Set up corporate and private customers with DSL connections


  1. Bachelor of Science in Computer Science & Cognitive Psychology

    Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts

    Related Courses
    Object Oriented Design, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, Cognition, Computer Organization & Design, Operating System Design, Algorithms & Data Structures I & II, Automata and Theory, Language Proof & Logic, Discrete Mathematics, Sensation, Personality, Social Psychology, Japanese.



  • CSS
  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Java
  • Python
  • C++
  • XSLT
  • PERL
  • Ruby


  • jQuery
  • CodeIgniter
  • LINQ
  • DemandWare
  • SiteCore
  • Apache Struts
  • Hibernate
  • Yahoo YUI
  • scriptaculous
  • Dojo
  • Apache
  • nUnit
  • jUnit


  • Agile
  • Extreme / Pair
  • MVC / Model 2X
  • TDD – Test Driven Design
  • Iterative lifecycle
  • Automated Unit Testing
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Aspect Oriented Programming
  • Usability Testing


Web development, motorsports, hiking, cycling, motorcycles, usability, user experience design, social networking, encryption, global history, privacy, visualization, analytics, open source software, mobile applications, peer-to-peer networks.